Websites - Year 4 to 6


Copacabana - English Year 3 - 6
·          Stories/Poems/Rhymes 
·          Reading 
·          Grammar/Punctuation
Online Talking StoriesListen to stories
Story Cove - A collection of stories.
Storynory - Stories read out loud.
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Writing & Grammar:

Copacabana - English Year 3 - 6 
·          Writing 
·          Keyboard Skills   
·          Grammar/Punctuation
·          Vocabulary
Grammar & Punctuation Games -  A range of interactive games 
Interactive Graphic Organisers – A collection of graphic organizers to help you brainstorm and organize your ideas.
Paper Rater - Check your spelling, grammar and plagiarism.
Woodlands PS- Writing Interactive Websites 
Spelling Bee - Spelling Interactive Game.
Spelling City - Use this site to help you spell.
Storybird - Create your own picture stories with others.
Storymaker - Create your own online stories. 
Visual Dictionary - A great site displaying visual representation of words.
Woodlands PS- Grammar & Punctuation Interactive Websites 
Word & Spelling Games - Interactive games and activities 
Writing & Text Games - A range of interactive sites to use.
Writing Fun – text types – Use this site to learn how to write different text types
Read, Write, Think – A fantastic resource of literacy games and activities
Zooburst - ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create 3D pop-up books - English – A range of documents, powerpoints and interactive games 
·          Word Level
·          Sentence Level
·          Text Level: Fiction
·          Text Level: Non-Fiction 
·          Other Resources
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Copacabana - Interactive Maths Games – Fantastic Interactive Website for Years Three to Six
IXL - Many interactive games in all areas of Maths 
Bbc - All areas in maths
Cool Maths 4 Kids - All areas in maths
Fun 4 the brain - Great maths games to assist with the 4 processes (+, -, x, =)
Game Aquarium - Interactive games sorted into particular areas in maths 
ICT Games - Lots of Numeracy games to support learning.
ICT Tool Kit – Maths Interactive Games
Interactive Maths Games - Woodlands Primary – Many interactive games collected by Woodlands Primary 
Internet4Classrooms - Click on grade level help for maths resources.
Maths Games - A range of maths games.
Money Games - Games to help you understand money.
Mathletics – A range of games in maths 
Maths Dictionary – A dictionary for all areas in maths
Maths Is Fun - All areas in maths
Number Games - Number games.
Primary Resources - General maths games that allow you to choose particular areas needing work.
Primary Games - Games to support all areas of learning.
Rainforest Maths - All areas in maths - Use your Mathletics password on this site 
Smart Kiddies - Free maths games in all areas of Maths Username: findon Password: fps 
Splat Number Game – 100 chart games.
Multiflyer - Great tables adventures in outer space!
Shape Surveyor - Practice your perimeter knowledge
IWB Resources for all areas
Maths 300 - Maths - A range of documents, powerpoints and interactive games
·          General Resources
·          Numbers and the Number System 
·          Calculations
·          Solving Problems 
·          Measures, Shape & Space 
·          Handling Data
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General Areas:

BTN - Behind the News website.
Cooltoolsforschools- Web 2 tools - a range of web 2 tools that can be integrated into all areas of the curriculum. 
Copacabana - Brain Games – A range of interactive games to promote effective thinking skills
Glogster - Create your own online poster.
IWB Resources – A number of Interactive tools
Make Your Own Interactive Game – Create your own game
Puzzle Maker - Create your own word search, criss cross, math puzzles and more.


Albright-Knox Art Games- An interactive website for kids ages 4 - 12.
Art Games- Play various games online. 
Art Just for Kids - Art appreciation - art history - museum "trips" - online games and projects - fun things to do.
ArtPadCartooning Lessons, basic lessons by Glen Wyand and Sara Jordan. 
Bomomo - Fun site for making crazy looking designs.
Chunky Monkey Cartoon Lessons, with a few lessons on animal cartoons. 
Crayola - Draw and colour in with Crayola.
Dr. Seuss- Click on the Playground link for many games. 
Floor Planner – Design a house Floor planer
Free Rice- Answer questions about famous artists 
Graffiti Creator- Create your own graffiti online. You can choose a font and fill it with graffiti. 
How to Draw a Cartoon Character- by Gary Harbo. 
Interactivate Tessellate!- You can create your own tessellations online.
Make Belief Comics- You can create your own comic strip online here.
More Than Math- These games use math to teach art. 
Nick Jr.- A page of online art games featuring cartoons on Nick Jr. television.
Odopod - Great site for making cool looking sketches.
Picartia - Great site for making Mosaics & Collages.
Renaissance Connection- A great site with games, quizzes, lessons and resources on the Renaissance.
smARTkids- Play puzzles online by Discovery Education.
Sumopaint - Painting site.
The Artist Toolkit - All you need to learn how to become a great artist.
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Cyber Bullying:

Hector's World - The Hector's World animated episodes are free to view online. Lessons
CyberQuoll - These computer-based activities have been designed for upper primary school students and are supported by a comprehensive suite of activities. 
Wise up to IT - Four young people tell their stories about cyberbullying, online stalking, internet security and online grooming. Their stories explain what happened and how they dealt with the situatiion
Think U Know - Information on this site is organised by age categories and includes resources for parents, carers, teachers and trainers. 
NetSmartzKids 3-D activities to teach children how to stay safer on the Internet.


Department Websites:

Ultranet First Use - Click here to register for the Ultranet (you only need to do this once)
Ultranet - Click here to access the Ultranet
FUSE - Departmental support for children, teachers and parents
DEECD - Connect Primary – This website is for primary students created by the Department.