Phillip Island Camp

2018 Camp!

"And we're off! Smiles all round! :)"

"At the Nobbies!"

Phillip Island Campers arrived safely at CYC camp site at approximately 3pm today after visiting the Nobbies. Currently unpacking and looking forward to a great camp!

"Fantastic first day at camp!

18 meter giant swing was exhilarating! What a challenge!"

"Sun is shining... We had a great first night!

Off to the beach for sand sculptures and beach games!"

Everyone is having fun at the beach today, sand sculpting and playing in the water. The weather is lovely, the sun is shining and there are a lot of happy faces!

"At the Wildlife Sanctuary!"

We have finished up for lunch and we are on our way home!

Here are a few more snaps before we arrive!

"Some tired kiddies!"